Memory Care Communities

Home Again Living Memory Care communities focus on providing a specialized environment for those with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Our specially trained teams focus on the physical and emotional relief of residents as well as peace of mind for the families with a memory impaired loved one.


To improve the well-being and security of the memory care residents, this specially designed facility includes many amenities that normal assisted living apartments do not. Including secure entry ways to prevent wandering, a secure kitchen area for resident safety, and an open floor plan to allow staff to maintain the highest level of supervision.

State-of-the-Art Memory Care

The Home Again Memory Care Philosophy & Approach

Thriving with Dementia


Close your eyes and think of the smell of lilac. What image comes to mind?  Our senses are some of the most powerful and direct sources to memory.  Some of our strongest memories, our most potent associations, are triggered by odor.  A smell that you associate with an event or moment in the past will often transport you to that moment. It can do so much more than just stir a memory.


Home Again combines several professional specializations to improve quality of life care for our residents.  Our approach to memory care focuses on the treatment of residents as a whole person.  We take into consideration mental and social factors, rather than simply treating the physical symptoms of Dementia.

Realistic Feeling and Sounding Pets

Benefits include companionship, lower anxiety, help with depression, trigger pleasant memories.


Art Therapy


Seniors with Alzheimer's or dementia benefit from creative activities like art and music. Art projects give a sense of accomplishment and purpose while allowing older adults to express themselves non-verbally.

Active Tactile Stimulation


Anything touched and anything that touches us can be stimulating. Every solid object has texture, temperature, shape. Balls in a collection can be smooth or rough, hard or soft, furry or…not. The sense of touch also includes the differentiation and recognition of temperature, pain, and body position (proprioception).


Olfactory Stimulation


In addition to the therapeutic benefits of the oils themselves, studies have also shown that Aromatherapy: sensory stimulation for people with Alzheimer’s can decrease agitation, improve sleep and improve the overall quality of life for those living with the disease.

Light Therapy


Daily exposure to Bright Light Therapy helps dementia patients with sleep disorders sleep longer and spend more time in deep sleep. As an added benefit, cognitive deterioration slowed with regular exposure to bright light, and symptoms of depression decreased.

Visual Aids


For adults experiencing memory loss, the ability of the brain to remain visually engaged with interior surroundings is well documented as being crucial for enhancing daily living potential.

Himalayan Salt Lamp


Himilayan Salt Lamps have been shown to help ionize the room, balance and neutralize artificial frequencies and unnatural electromagnetic waves from electronics, and produce a rainbow-spectrum light waves to heal and sooth the body.


Benefits include reduction of headaches and migraines, arthritis, respiratory problems (including colds), mental and stress-related disorders (including insomnia), and blood system disorders.

Activity/Behavioral Expression Enhancements

Music/Sound Therapy


When used appropriately, music can shift mood, manage stress-induced agitation, stimulate positive interactions, facilitate cognitive function, and coordinate motor movements.

Compassionate Communities

Dedicated to Quality and Service

Home Again Assisted Living offers a personal touch in a home like environment with on-staff Registered Nurses. Dedicated to quality and service; we provide dignity, independence, choice, and individual attention to all of our residents.


Beautiful Amenities

Home Again's quality-crafted assisted living environments focus on our resident's needs; helping them meet new people while receiving the care they need. We help our residents continue living their lives to the fullest, with assistance.

Cost Estimates and Financial Planning

Home Again is committed to helping our residents ,


To help with budgeting and planning, Home Again bills a set monthly rate and does not charge for each individual service. Home Again’s services and resident costs are tailored to meet each resident’s individuals needs. Actual rates are based on individual needs. Schedule an assessment with our staff today to learn more.


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