As the novel Coronavirus continues to have an increased impact on our country, we feel it is very important to provide updates to the family, friends, and support network of our Residents. Over the past couple of weeks, we have issued letters to our residents and staff, as well as publicly posted these notices. If you have not yet seen these communications, there are links below. Please check this page for periodic updates and also join our email list below.

At the recommendation of health officials, the Home Again visitor restrictions that we have in place will remain in effect until further notice.

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October 13th Update
July 14th Update
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The most important message we want to share is that we are taking this potential threat to our residents’ health very seriously and are enacting steps to prevent the spread of illness in our communities.  This is a continually changing situation and we anticipate our approach to continue to evolve as we are provided further regulatory guidance and make internal decisions in the best interest of our residents.



  • Full restriction on visitation of all visitors and non-essential health care personnel, except for certain compassionate care situations, such as an end-of-life situation or situational hospice visits.

  • Window visits are encouraged although we are asking that windows remain closed.

  • In person visit outside even while the weather is nice are still fully restricted.

  • We have implemented teleconferencing (Google Hangout, Facetime, etc.) to our Residents and families upon request and we have many other ways of provided communication such as phone, email, etc. If you would like your loved one to receive writing from you, please email and your words will be printed and provided to your loved one.


  • Home Again is doing everything in our power to currently keep our residents engaged and active. Please see our current efforts:

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  • To reduce the possible spread of illness in our buildings we are asking that all residents wear a face mask, using social distancing, and practicing good hand hygiene while they are outside of their individual apartment and using common areas both inside and outside of the buildings.

  • We ask that residents only leave our community when necessary for essential Health and Well-being needs. When residents have a need to leave we ask that they use as much precaution as they can, including wearing a face mask, using social distancing, and practicing good hand hygiene to reduce their risk of contracting illness.

  • Cancelled communal dining, residents are currently being served meals in their rooms.

  • Cancelled all group activities, such as internal and external group activities.

  • Cancelled routine visits of annual checkups of any kind during this time. Limiting unnecessary and potential exposure.

  • Residents are currently allowed to roam about the building as they wish, we encourage them to practice social distancing-6 feet and are not allowing more than a handful of Residents in one area at one time. This is subject to change as things progress.

  • Daily active screening of residents for fever and respiratory symptoms.

  • If a Resident exited the building for an emergency room visit and returned, such Resident is quarantined for 14 days to limit risk of potential spread if that Resident was potentially exposed in the hospital/clinic setting.

  • Per DHS Resident Rights, we are unable to tell a Resident they cannot leave the building, though at this time we are strongly encouraging Residents to stay within the property. We strongly discourage trips to the grocery store, pharmacy, etc.

    • Residents are encouraged to walk around exterior of buildings for exercise and fresh air.

  • Home Again is doing everything in our power to currently keep our residents engaged and active. Please see our current efforts:


  • Masks and face shields will be worn at all times.

  • Active screening of staff for fever and respiratory symptoms at the beginning of each shift worked.

  • Beginning 3/30/2020, staff will begin to acknowledge the following and sign in their agreement at the beginning of each of their shifts:

    • “I acknowledge that I am taking extra precautions in my personal life given the vulnerability of the Residents we serve. I am following all social distancing guidelines and I am avoiding group activities and gatherings.”

    • “I have no respiratory symptoms such as shortness of breath, new or change in cough, or sore throat.”

    • “I have not been around anyone that has a confirmed case or is currently pending a test result.”

  • Frequent cleaning and sanitization of common areas and high touch places throughout the community.

  • Continual and thorough hand washing completed by all individuals within the community.

  • Encouraging social distancing within the community when applicable.

We do understand that many people may have differing opinions on the necessity of the steps being taken across the country and we respect those opinions.  However, we ask that everyone please understand the need for us to use an abundance of caution to protect our residents and caregivers.  Please show our staff respect and understanding during this stressful time.


COVID-19 requirements, restrictions and information are continually evolving. To help our communications with you, please identify ONE primary point of contact for your family, if more than one is preferred, please communicate that to your Community Director. Currently we are only notifying “first call” family members with reliance of them relaying the information to fellow family.

Thank you for your attention to these requests and patience during this time.  If you have any questions, please reach out to the management team at each location or you can email


Residents still have the right to access the Ombudsman Program with the Board on Aging and Long Term Care. Do not hesitate to contact DHS with questions or concerns. DHS can be reached by phone at 1-800-815-0015, via e-mail at or online at

For more information please visit:

Department of Health Services Division of Public Health Memo 2020-16

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Memo QSO-20-14-NH (revised)

Centers for Disease Control

Wisconsin Department of Health Services


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